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I offer a Free Pre-Talk session at the beginning of discussions regarding your suitability for the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System . This session is included within the Six Session programme. But if you do not for any reason at all proceed with the Hypno-Band programme, and you are under no obligation, this session will be absolutely FREE so you have nothing to lose at all by coming along to see me and discuss your weight issues. I realise how hard that first step of emailing or writing to me can be but now is the time you CAN make a difference and change your life so why wait any longer? Contact me now!

Hypno-Band Session Fees

The Hypno-Band Weight Loss system is priced at £350 ( if paying the lump sum at your first session) and consists of 6 visited session (your first pre-assessment visit is included) along with audio CD's that you take home and listen to between visits. You also have the option of paying £67 per session rather than the lump sum ( total payable £400) if you prefer. When making payments, I accept Cash, Cheque and all major credit and debit cards.

I understand real life situations crop up and sometimes you may have to cancel your appointment. To do this, a call or email at least 24 hours before is enough time for me to allocate your slot to another client. However, due to some clients simply not turning up I'm forced to charge a £50 fee to every session not attended where I've not been contacted before the session.

At the request of my clients I have been asked if its possible to come back at any time for refresher sessions. I have therefore introduced a "Top-Up" of 3 sessions of hypnosis for aiding Weight Loss which can be personalised and modified to suit each individual client. The introductory price for this is just £150 covering ALL three sessions. I will also build in some relaxation within the hypnosis so this will really be a totally enjoyable experience for you.

Contact Information

Greg Coyne - Bedford Hypnotherapist
Regus, Room G11
Fairbourne Drive
Milton Keynes,
MK10 8RJ

Phone: 07948 614012

Email: greg.coyne@purehypno.com

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About Greg Coyne

I am the Bedford Hypnotherapist and the Licensed Practitioner for Hypno-Band covering Bedford and Milton Keynes.

For further information about me and the services that i offer, please visit my main site, Bedford Hypnotherapist