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My name is Greg Coyne and I am the Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner for the Milton Keynes area.

It does not matter how you have found your way to this website but now is the time that you could change your life for the better, and greatly increase your self-esteem. I am sure that by finding your way to my website you will have some weight and low self esteem issues. The good news is I can help you.

Many people find it hard to lose weight, diets simply don’t work. Most people and especially those with weight issues will have heard of the Gastric Band and how it can assist them to lose weight and then keep their weight off. Unfortunately the Gastric Band requires surgery and is extremely expensive so it’s out of the reach of most people. But now you can get the benefits of the Gastric Band but without the cost and the surgery – yes it’s true so if this has caught your attention please read on.

I have been a Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner in Milton Keynes, and Bedford, since 2010 when the programme was first launched in the UK. In that time I have seen many clients - both men and women - who have worked with me on the Hypno-Band Programme and had great success in losing the weight that they wanted to lose. The hypnosis that I use is a tool that will make weight loss easier for you. The hypnosis cant lose the weight for you but together with your effort I am sure you will be able to achieve your goals. Remember that the weight loss you will achieve, and the rate of weight loss, depends not only upon your size and weight to start with but also how much effort you put in to reach your goals. My job as your Practitioner is to get your head in the "right place" and to get you feeling in control and taking responsibility for your weight loss. My years of practising the therapy called THRIVE means that I can help you achieve this by getting you to retrain your brain to think differently about weight loss - so that instead of you thinking its a mountain that you have always failed to overcome we get you think think about it being something much smaller, maybe just a challenge for you to overcome...

It doesn’t matter what you may have read or seen about all of the favourable comments regarding the Hypno-Band Programme – the good news is that you have found your way to my website, and I can help YOU to lose that excess weight!!

Pay £350 discounted price for the 6 sessions at your first session OR now have the opportunity to pay £67 per session ( £400 total) to make payment easier!!!

** Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on this website are genuine client testimonials submitted to me after them working with the Hypno-Band Programme. Results you may achieve can vary as the hypnosis cannot lose the weight for you. However if you use the hypnosis as a “tool” together with your effort then there is no reason at all why you cant lose the weight that you wish to lose. I offer no guarantees on how much weight you could lose - to do so would be irresponsible - particularly as I don’t know how much effort you will put in to the Hypno-Band Programme. But you can be assured I will put in 100% effort to help you lose the weight.

Greg Coyne

Hypno-Band Licensed Practitioner

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